How to use this calculator... Simply look at your kingdom and fill out the boxes with the exact buildings you currently have. Once you have listed all of your buildings, click on the submit build button. Then you have to make sure you have the minimum amount of allies stated to have max plunder. Need more info about max plunder? Max Plunder Info
You need ??.???bil allies value for MP
Building NameScout NameCurrent Amount
Castle lvl1Castle
Castle lvl2Castle
Caslte lvl3Castle
Workshop lvl1Battering Ram 
Workshop lvl2Ballista 
Workshop lvl3Catapult 
Barracks lvl1Pikeman 
Barracks lvl2Archer 
Barracks lvl3Longbowman 
Stable lvl1Cavalry 
Stable lvl2Heavy Cavalry 
Stable lvl3Knight 
Forge lvl1Bombard 
Forge lvl2Disease Catapult 
Forge lvl3Siege Tower 
Beastiary lvl1Wolf 
Beastiary lvl2White Tiger 
Beastiary lvl3War Elephant 
War Cathedral lvl1Fanatic 
War Cathedral lvl2Zealot 
War Cathedral lvl3Paladin 
Subterranean Factory lvl1Mortar Team 
Subterranean Factory lvl2Siege Tank 
Subterranean Factory lvl3Clockwork Demon 
War Aviary lvl1Bat Rider 
War Aviary lvl2Griffin Rider 
War Aviary lvl3Dragon Rider 
Summoning Circle lvl1Iron Golem 
Summoning Circle lvl2Living Forest 
Summoning Circle lvl3Mountain Giant 
Cursed Foundry lvl1Siege Giant 
Cursed Foundry lvl2Iron Cannon 
Cursed Foundry lvl3Siege Dragon 
Circle of Elementals lvl1Water Elemental 
Circle of Elementals lvl2Wind Elemental 
Circle of Elementals lvl3Fire Elemental 
Titans Lair lvl1Stone Titan 
Titans Lair lvl2Iron Titan 
Titans Lair lvl3Steel Titan 
The Hatchery lvl1Serpent 
The Hatchery lvl2Basilisk 
The Hatchery lvl3Hydra 
The Colony lvl1Hornet Drone 
The Colony lvl2Mantis Mercenary 
The Colony lvl3Scorpion Soldier 
Torture Garden lvl1Wyrm 
Torture Garden lvl2Mutant Plant 
Torture Garden lvl3Snap Dragon 
Guild lvl1Scout 
Guild lvl2Rogue 
Guild lvl3Assassin 
Guild lvl4Dark Assassin 
Stronghold of Shadows lvl1Goblin Spy 
Stronghold of Shadows lvl2Elven Assassin 
Stronghold of Shadows lvl3Disciple Of Shadow 
Volary lvl1Raven Messenger 
Volary lvl2Falconer 
Volary lvl3Alerion Spy 
Defensive Tower lvl1Tower 
Defensive Tower lvl2Cannon Tower 
Defensive Tower lvl3Lightning Tower 
Defensive Fortress lvl1Spiked Fortress 
Defensive Fortress lvl2Elemental Tower 
Defensive Fortress lvl3Temple of Reckoning 
Arboreal Dungeon lvl1Beacon of Final Hope 
Arboreal Dungeon lvl2Confinement Cliffs 
Arboreal Dungeon lvl3Panopticon Prison 
Lookout Tower lvl1Scout Tower 
Lookout Tower lvl2Garrisoned Scout Tower 
Lookout Tower lvl3All-Seeing Eye 
Lookout Tower lvl4Eye of Light 
Lookout Fortress lvl1Fortress of Truth 
Lookout Fortress lvl2Tower of Light 
Lookout Fortress lvl3Temple of Clarity 
Changeling Watchtower lvl1Lookout Ledge 
Changeling Watchtower lvl2Spyglass Spy 
Changeling Watchtower lvl3Changeling Sentry